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US-7726117-B2: Method for controlling an internal combustion engine patent, US-8479396-B2: Method for hardening running surfaces of roller bearing components patent, US-6849327-B1: Optical filter patent, US-6937971-B1: System and method for determining the desired decoupling components for a power distribution system having a voltage regulator module patent, US-7499910-B2: Detecting and processing cache hits for queries with aggregates patent, US-7569080-B2: Powder compaction pressing process for capacitor anodes patent, US-6735915-B1: Masonry anchoring system patent, US-6762074-B1: Method and apparatus for forming thin microelectronic dies patent, US-6822554-B2: Systems and methods for medication monitoring patent, US-8220827-B2: Fastener and method for triggering a side airbag patent, US-7308768-B2: Lenticular sign patent, US-7604950-B2: Methods for early detection of pregnancy in cows patent, US-7775279-B2: Debris-free perforating apparatus and technique patent, US-8096052-B2: Method of making a vehicle cab patent, US-8259848-B2: Hierarchical modulation for communication channels in single-carrier frequency division multiple access patent, US-8458979-B2: Interior panel attachment system patent, US-7912583-B2: Environment map building method, environment map building apparatus and mobile robot apparatus patent, US-7377993-B2: Methods for reducing fluorescence in pulp and paper patent, US-7835878-B2: Travel angle detection system for mobile object patent, US-8071404-B2: Method for fabricating light emitting device patent, US-8298839-B2: Manufacturing method of a thin film active element patent, US-8415378-B2: Isoxazol-3(2H)-one analogs as therapeutic agents patent, US-6792700-B2: Shoe with integrated internal ankle brace patent, US-6820088-B1: System and method for synchronizing data records between multiple databases patent, US-7416877-B1: Receptor that causes cell death and recombinant production thereof patent, US-7980848-B2: Mold for molding lens patent, US-8026799-B2: Vehicle collision determination apparatus patent, US-8054992-B2: High frequency compensating patent, US-8201730-B1: Banking system controlled responsive to data bearing records patent, US-8325540-B1: Variable reference voltage circuit for non-volatile memory patent, US-7365603-B2: FET amplifier, pulse modulation module, and radar device patent, US-7468987-B1: Method and apparatus for detecting a DS3 frame format patent, US-8264732-B2: Continuously printing images on a web material and continuously transferring the images to identity documents patent, US-8383112-B2: Targeting VEGF-B regulation of fatty acid transporters to modulate human diseases patent, US-6740573-B2: Method for forming an integrated circuit interconnect using a dual poly process patent, US-7007444-B2: Method of fabricating a stackable package for displaying products patent, US-8326153-B2: Tunable dispersion compensator configured for continuous setpoint control patent, US-7349295-B2: Optical head device patent, US-7591115-B2: Roof tile support arrangement patent, US-7851241-B2: Method for severing brittle material substrate and severing apparatus using the method patent, US-8457313-B2: Protocol expansion of a signaling message patent, US-6895049-B1: Analysis of compression decoded video image sequences patent, US-7282245-B2: Device with multiple liquid crystal layers patent, US-7301223-B2: High temperature electronic devices patent, US-7406631-B2: Method and apparatus for dynamic performance evaluation of data storage systems patent, US-7689219-B2: Data-capable network prioritization with reject code handling patent, US-7754689-B2: Finger-1 peptide analogs of the TGF-β superfamily patent, US-7871921-B2: Methods of forming interconnection structures for semiconductor devices patent, US-6726652-B2: Tamper evident syringe barrel patent, US-6851070-B1: System and method for managing time-limited long-running operations in a data storage system patent, US-7895941-B2: Apparatus for dispersion of a second phase into a non-newtonian fluid base product patent, US-7943936-B2: Crystallizing method, thin-film transistor manufacturing method, thin-film transistor, and display device patent, US-8045222-B2: Image processing method, image processing apparatus, computer program product, and recording medium for image processing patent, US-7682097-B2: All-in-one polish dispenser and wiper patent, US-8007240-B2: Impeller of centrifugal fan and centrifugal fan disposed with the impeller patent, US-6838037-B2: Method for making biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymers having improved crystallization properties patent, US-7386743-B2: Power-managed server and method for managing power consumption patent, US-7779487-B1: Glove with soft feel and high wear resistance patent, US-7482509-B2: Transgenic plants carrying neoxanthin cleavage enzyme gene patent, US-8025728-B2: Method for manufacturing single crystal of nitride patent, US-8290946-B2: Consistent phrase relevance measures patent, US-7452730-B2: DNA-binding polymers patent, US-7726083-B2: Curtain-type facade structure patent, US-7250168-B2: Tissue factor targeted thrombomodulin fusion proteins as anticoagulants patent, US-8119450-B2: Interconnecting a chip and a substrate by bonding pure metal bumps and pure metal spots patent, US-8358870-B2: Image reading apparatus and method for successively reading a plurality of partial images from a relatively moving object patent, US-7154508-B2: Displaying least significant color image bit-planes in less than all image sub-frame locations patent, US-8441019-B2: Light emitting device, light emitting device package and lighting system patent, US-7083103-B2: Data collection device and method patent, US-7473545-B2: Enzymatic production of glycolic acid patent, US-7613880-B2: Memory module, memory system, and information device patent, US-7795008-B2: Sensitive and selective method and device for the detection of trace amounts of a substance patent, US-7076520-B2: Component architecture for medical device system networks patent, US-7604129-B2: Lyotropic liquid crystal nanofiltration membranes patent, US-7701364-B1: User input authentication and identity protection patent, US-8165682-B2: Surface acoustic wave probe implant for predicting epileptic seizures patent, US-8324771-B2: Spindle motor and storage disk drive apparatus patent, US-7439327-B2: Stem cell factor-like proteins and uses thereof patent, US-6858199-B1: High efficient delivery of a large therapeutic mass aerosol patent, US-7522609-B2: Propagation of minimum guaranteed scheduling rates among scheduling layers in a hierarchical schedule patent, US-7402112-B2: Multiple material golf club head patent, US-7597935-B2: Process for preparing chrome surface for coating patent, US-7432074-B2: Method for extracting a macrolide from biomatter patent, US-7388093-B2: Gene for identifying individuals with familial dysautonomia patent, US-6949378-B1: C. elegans gro-1 gene patent, US-7329640-B2: Method of treatment of hemorrhagic disease using a factor VIIa/tissue factor inhibitor patent, US-7406622-B2: volume and failure management method on a network having a storage device patent, US-7496414-B2: Dynamic controller utilizing a hybrid model patent, US-8207233-B1: Methods for treating diabetic foot ulcers patent, US-8426864-B2: Infrared sensor patent, US-7041351-B1: Multiple layer polymeric films and process for making them patent, WO-2006115887-A1: Électrode d’ablation bipolaire multi-élément patent, US-8130863-B2: Sequence generating method for efficient detection and method for transmitting and receiving signals using the same patent, US-7439097-B2: Taped lead frames and methods of making and using the same in semiconductor packaging patent, US-8324369-B2: Dendritic cell vaccine compositions and uses of same patent, US-8255064-B2: Remote CNC machine control switch patent, US-6778515-B2: Receiving station for wireless telephone system with diversity transmission and method patent, US-6885114-B2: Miniature hydro-power generation system patent, US-8472729-B2: System and method for using pattern vectors for video and image coding and decoding patent, US-6849576-B2: Plant-activating agent patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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