Making method of balsam pear-containing soybean paste



The invention discloses a making method of a balsam pear-containing soybean paste. The method comprises the following steps: 1, immersing dry soybeans in clear water for 24h; 2, putting immersed soybeans in a pot, boiling, taking the boiled soybeans out of the pot, draining for removing soup water, and cooling; 3, uniformly stirring the cooked soybeans with flour to obtain a mixture, putting the mixture in a bamboo knitting, and keeping in a 25-30DEG C room for naturally fermenting until molds appear to form a moist paste blank; 4, removing a cover on the moist paste blank, and keeping in a ventilation place for heat radiation; 5, drying the moist paste blank in the hot sun to obtain a paste blank; and 6, putting the paste blank in a cylinder, adding salt, dried balsam pear slices, hot red pepper powder, shredded ginger, Chinese prickly ash or Fructus Foeniculi and water according to a weight ration, covering with a gauze, and drying in the hot sun for 30-35d to make the balsam pear-containing soybean paste. The balsam pear-containing soybean paste made through using the method has abundant vitamins and mineral matters, has the efficacies of appetizing, fat reducing, blood fat reducing, heat clearing and detoxifying, is a novel healthcare seasoning in the market, and increases the sales volume of balsam pear.




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