Refuse compacting machines


A refuse compacting/discharging ram (28) of a refuse compacting/discharging machine (10), is caused to reciprocate automatically in a cyclic manner to and from a forward position adjacent a discharge aperture (22) in a charge box (16) whereby to effect discharge of successive charges of refuse from said charge box into an awaiting container (14); and the approach of a limiting loading condition (e.g. gross laden weight, or ram force) for said container is sensed by a microprocessor (62), and the amount of refuse admitted to the charge box during the next cycle or ram operation is reduced in accordance with the closeness of said approach to said condition, by an amount such as to bring the container to its fully-laden condition with the least number of further cycles of ram operation and without exceeding, to any substantial extent, said limiting condition. Tamping cycles are automatically interspersed with the container-loading cycles of ram operation, when the container is approaching its said fully-laden condition. The preferred method of reducing each said charge of refuse is by reducing the return stroke of the ram rearward from said forward position. <IMAGE>




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