Racking-off apparatus for filling bottles with gas-charged liquids

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Joseph Gourlet
  • Publication Date: January 17, 1924
  • Publication Number: GB-209388-A


209,388. Gourlet, J. Jan. 5, 1923, [Convention date]. Bottling. - In apparatus for filling beer or effervescing drinks into bottles, to exclude air from the liquid the bottles are mounted on a rotating disc 2, Fig. 1, integral with the casing 3 of a stationary supply cock 5, Fig. 3, for air, water, gas, and the beer &c. which pass through conduits 1<0> - - 7<0> in it and radial conduits in the casing 3 to cavities 19 adapted to receive the mouths of the bottles. A bottle applied at the radius 1<1> receives, in passing between the radii 2<1>, 4<1>, water through the conduit 1<0> and vents air through the conduit 2<0>, a peripheral groove in the cock 5 maintaining the necessary communication during the passage. At the radius 5<1>, the bottle comes opposite a similar groove connecting the conduit 4<0> for gas under pressure and the water outlet 3<0>, and by the time it reaches the radius 7<1> the water has been replaced by gas. Conduits 6<0>. 5<0> for the admission of beer &c. and the expulsion of the gas are connected by a third peripheral groove which makes connection with the bottle between the radii 9<1>, 11<1>, and the bottle is removed at the radius 12<2>, and remaining gas escaping through the conduit 7<0>. The bottle rests 4 comprise supports 17, Fig. 5, mounted on arms 18 pivoted to the disc 2 and provided with springs 11 which cause the bottle mouths to enter the cavities 19.




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