Train braking systems


In a train braking system in which train pipe pressure is varied by a brake controller of the joy-stick type which has a central running position, and brake application and release positions, a logic system ensures that on initial movement of the joy-stick control towards the brake application position an initial predetermined drop of pressure results. The logic circuit 18 in Fig. 2 is connected to a joy-stick controller 17 which operates an application magnet valve 12 and a release magnet valve 14. In the running condition the brake controller is in its central position and switch S1.1 is closed, and the release magnet valve 14 is energised. Thus the equalising reservoir is charged to 5.0 Bar. If the brake controller is moved, even briefly, to the application position the logic circuit assumes the state shown in Fig. 2B in which S1.1 opens and RL1 is de-energised which opens RL1.1. Thus the release magnet valve 14 is de-energised and the equalising reservoir is vented through the application magnet valve 12 which is itself de-energised. The pressure in the equalising reservoir 11 continues to fall until it reaches 4.6 Bar when PS1 opens and de-energises RL2. This opens RL2.1 and RL2.2 which causes the application magnet valve 12 to be energised, thus stopping the continued exhausting of equalising reservoir 11. <IMAGE>




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