A device for suspending an internal rear view mirror in a vehicle

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Frese Metallwerk
  • Publication Date: December 01, 1982
  • Publication Number: GB-2099069-A


The device for suspending an internal rear view mirror in a vehicle, such as a car, comprises a supporting arm (6) holding the mirror (3) and a support (7) to be attached to the body of the vehicle. The base (8) has a seat (10) with an inwardly projecting and encirculating shoulder (14), in which a catch element (12) provided on the supporting arm is to be inserted in a detachable manner, so that the supporting arm (6) comes off under the impact of a certain minimum force. The catch element (12) has a groove (17) corresponding to the shoulder (14) of the seat and is designed, for example, as a disc body, so that the shoulder (14) engages in the groove (17) in order to hold the catch element in the seat. <IMAGE>




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