Improvements in or relating to the covering of playing and other surfaces


In order to protect a playing area 1 from the effects of rain or snow, a cover 6 made of flexible and waterproof sheeting is drawn over the playing area 1. A substantially leak-proof connection is established between the cover 6 and a drainage channel 2 surrounding the playing area 1 by nipping the edges of the cover 6 between removable gutter members 27 and an inturned flange 35 on one side of the channel 2, the gutter members 27 being snapped into position beneath the flange 35 and a further inturned flange 34 on the opposite side of the channel 2. Warm air is then introduced under pressure between the playing area 1 and the cover 6 so as to inflate the cover 6 and cause it to take up a convex profile above the level of the playing area 1. <IMAGE>




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