Vehicle suspension element


A semi-elliptic leaf spring 1 is connected to a vehicle frame member 3, at one end, pivotally to a bracket 2, and at the other end by means of a shackle 9 and a bracket 10. The shackle 9 is hung from the leafspring and carries the bracket 10 by means of bolts 11. The shackle is made of a continuous band of material which can be resiliently deformed in cross-section: it consists of a core of cords and a surrounding sheath of rubber or plastics material. The bracket has a stop surface 10 to restrain the leaf spring if the connection to the bracket 2 fails, lateral surfaces 10e to restrain the adjacent part of the leaf spring against sideways movement and a rebound surface 10d. The suspension element has the advantage of a conventional shackle, and resiliently deformable components, while not being unduly costly. <IMAGE>




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