Improvements in or relating to drag shields


The invention relates to a drag shield or drag box which comprises two walls (10) arranged in a parallel spaced-apart manner by means of a plurality of transverse members (26,28) each wall being of sheet material formed into a plurality of lengthwise-extending corrugations so as to provide longitudinal grooves or channels (12), a leading edge (16) of the sheet material providing a cutting edge to facilitate passage thereof when towed immediately at the rear of earth excavating equipment. The walls may be constructed of a number of lengthwise extending preformed corrugated panels 14 and are secured to a plurality of upright members (22,24) spanned by the transverse members (26,28). The shield may be towed by a hawser (4) behind the excavating equipment, which may for example be forming a trench, and assists in the shaping and stability of the trench walls to prevent collapse. <IMAGE>




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