Improvements in starters for internal combustion engines

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Karl Arpad Barenyi
  • Publication Date: March 27, 1924
  • Publication Number: GB-213026-A


213,026. Barenyi, K. A. Jan. 4, 1923. Turning - - gear. - In an electric starter in which the shafts of the engine and the starting-motor are in alignment, the shafts are connected by positive transmission gearing and the motor shaft can be engaged by a starting-crank for starting by hand. The motor shown is described in Specification 208,396, [Class 35, Dynamoelectric generators &c.], and is driven as a generator by the engine when starting has been effected. The gearing comprises a drum p' having internal teeth meshing with planet wheels r' on a disc s', rotatable on the reduced end of the motor shaft f, and with planet wheels r<2> meshing with the toothed hub q<1> of the disc s<1>. The wheels r<1> mash with gear teeth q on the motor shaft f, and the wheels r<2> are carried by a disc t connected through a clutch b with the engine shaft a<1>. The hub p of the drum p' is connected by a one-way roller clutch m<3> to a coupling member m, and the circumference of the drum is provided with ratchet teeth p<3> for engagement by a spring- pressed plunger p<5>. For starting the engine by means of the motor, the plunger p' engages the teeth p<3> and the engine is driven through the planetary gearing. When the engine starts, the gearing turns as a whole, the clutch m<3> being locked by the increased speed of the drum p<1> and the plunger p<5> being thrown out of engagement by the ratchet faces of the teeth p<3>. The plunger p<5> is then locked in the disengaged position by cutting off the current to an electromagnet p<13> which held a catch in the disengaged position. When starting by hand, clutch members e on a cap d carried by the shaft f are engaged by the starting handle. A rod g passing through the hollow motor shaft f is normally held in the position shown by a spring h, and is connected to the coupling member m by a pin k passing through a slot in the shaft f. On pushing the starting-handle inwards, ratchet teeth n on the member m come into engagement with teeth o on the hub p, so that on turning the handle, the drum p' and the engine shaft are rotated, the planetary gearing being inoperative. A pin k<1> carried by the rod g carries a ring u<5> rotatable relatively to the commutator, for connecting the armature windings for operation as a motor or as a generator, as described in Specification 208,396, [Class 35, Dynamo-electric generators &c.] When the rod g is moved axially by the starting handle, the ring u' disconnects the armature windings from the commutator segments u'.




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